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>What is the Creative-Freelance website?
The Creative-Freelance website provides a showcase for the work of Freelance, an association of creative freelance professionals based in Ipswich in the UK. Among its members are freelance professional illustrators, artists, writers, graphic designers, and craftspeople.

>What are Freelance's aims?
To offer mutual support, advice, help and information, to promote the members' work and to provide valuable social contact for people who usually work in isolation. Freelance is a self-help organisation, without any paid staff.

>What does Freelance do?
The central activity of Freelance consists of monthly meetings on the last Thursday of each month in Ipswich, at 8 pm. At some meetings we have speakers from the creative or publishing business. At other meetings, members talk about their work and bring samples. Occasionally, we go on visits to such places as galleries, museums, publishers, art material suppliers, and so on. We've shared problems, given moral support, swapped tips, made contacts and just generally enjoyed ourselves at meetings and social gatherings.

>What are the benefits of membership?
Most members participate regularly in our activities. They comment that they appreciate being able to discuss things like where the new opportunities are, how best to present yourself to potential clients, how to survive being a freelance, how to publicise your work, with people who understand. Bimonthly newsletters keep everyone in touch with Freelance.

>Who can join?
Anyone who works as a creative freelance in Suffolk, England, either part- or full-time; we also support students and those who are trying to start out in freelance work. Most of our members live and work in the Ipswich area, but we welcome anyone from adjoining counties who is able to attend monthly meetings.

>Who should I contact if I'm interested in someone's work?
If you are interested in someone's work you should contact the artist direct, or via the Creative Freelance webmaster giving the artist's name, your name and contact info, and some general details about your inquiry.

For further information about Freelance, contact our Chair Borin Van Loon:

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