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Annabel Mednick—Artist in Residence

St Mary at the Quay, Ipswich, 4–16th September 2006

I found that my experience at st Mary's at the Quay has far exceeded my expectations. It has been invigorating and exciting to work there. I wanted to immerse myself in the shadows and moods of this large beautiful and imposing space, exploring in paint on cotton sheets and canvas, its spaces, light and contrasts. The subtle hues and surprising chalky pinks of the walls that have changed and softened over the years giving a warmth and new identity to this possibly austere empty building.
I wanted a little time to try some new things out, use some new materials, earth, plaster, emulsion paint. I have found ways of incorporating my experiments into my practice that I am sure will expand and inspire me well into the future.

Three other artists worked along side me, Ruth Richmond, Edward Cooper and Carol Lawrence. Ruth worked from the heights of the gallery, looking down into the church. She usually works on paper with graphite but took this opportunity to develop her painting, creating a series of harmonious studies on canvas exploring the architectural shapes and tonal colourings. Carol interpreted the lights of the glass windows creating luminous colourful works. Edward had had a residency in the summer and jumped at the chance to continue working in the space, he said:

"..often my mind would think back to all those creative activities that would have happened in the creation of such spaces, the craftsmen, the stone masons, the cavers or even to that greatest of church interiors, painted by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel."

--Annabel Mednick, Sept 2006

During the first half of September, Freelance member Annabel Mednick was Artist in Residence at St Mary at the Quay, Ipswich. During the residency she was joined by artists Ruth Richmond, Ed Cooper, and Carol Lawrence.

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